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Did you know food tastes better when you GROW YOUR OWN?  Our Urban Farming specialist will show you how.


We stay focused on your wishes & requirements at all times. See for yourself what professional creativity means in our hands.



Allow Calidad to be your source for Urban farming lifestyle tips, healthy recipes,  agricultural news & information, innovations in plant technology &  more.



Creative, edible plantscape design is our passion. Give us your underused space, indoor or out and we will make it green beyond measure.



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Our Story

In 2004, Stephanie Mack resigned her position as an educator in Oakland, California & enrolled in a horticulture degree program. Over the past twelve years and many farming adventures, she created Calidad, an Urban Garden design, installation & maintenance firm specializing in small scale urban farming and edible plantscapes.  Since graduating, she has continued to evolve Calidad into one of the nation's leading green industry innovators, committed to educating urban dwellers how to grow their own food and adopt healthy, more earth friendly lifestyles.


Calidad is now not only synonymous with edible landscapes and community building, but also a diverse breeding ground for advances in interior plantscapes. Calidad continues to grow with its expansion into the Atlanta metro area, where stunning plantscapes are being installed in some of the areas upscale hotels & businesses.


Keep up with our continued city greening by regularly visiting the website. And contact our plant expert today for an urban garden consultation for your space indoor or out.

(510) 200-2159 Oakland

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Customer Testimonials

The Honor Family -

Hemet, California

Stephanie helped us to start our family garden. Since that time, we have spent more time outside and have harvested vegetables to eat and seeds to plant. Our family has grown closer together and the children have developed a greater appreciation for nature. Thank you Stephanie! You have helped to improve our family’s quality of life.

DeDe Mays - Savannah, Georgia

I admit it I have a green thumb. But I am usually stumped when a plant becomes sick. Fortunately, Stephanie is at the ready to offer help from her storehouse of botanical knowledge. My SC Jasmine had mysterious spots, well, mysterious to me. Stephanie saw the problem immediately diagnosed "black fungus ". I applied what she recommended. That fungus is history. Thanks for coming to the rescue, Stephanie.

Walasia Shabazz - Oakland, California

Calidad (Oakland) installed an edible garden in front of my apartment building some years ago. The garden was beautiful and functional, providing foods including herbs, tomatoes, lettuces, greens, and cucumbers to the entire neighborhood. I would highly recommend Calidad to anyone who wants a functional, edible, organic garden, farm or landscape installed!

Mekael Johnson, Principal

Community Day School -

Oakland, California

Calidad has brought the world of gardening to CDS. They produce food, beautify the campus and bring life to the school community.

Paris Gordon - Oakland, California

Stephanie is like a walking plant encyclopedia. Whenever I have questions about plants she is the first person I call.

JR Valrey - Oakland, California

Calidad helped me set up a roof top garden & stopped by regularly to check on the plants' health & progress. Whenever I had questions or ran into difficulties, Stephanie was always available to help. I couldn't have done it without her insight & encouragement.


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